Sparta INNOLIVE is an innovative natural product in the form of flour with a characteristic oily smell and a dark green color which is produced on the basis of olive paste and is used as a compound supplementary feed at a specific rate depending on the farm animal.

It has a high nutritional and energy value, with particularly high levels of natural polyphenols and oleic acid, which give both product and animal feed, biofunction and strong antioxidant action.

Sparta INNOLIVE is a complex supplemental feed, produced by an innovative production process. As a raw material, olive paste and herbs are used.

Pigs, Broilers and Laying Hens

Amount of input per tonne of feed: Fattening piglets 40-50 kg/tn, Broilers 25-50 kg/tn, Laying hens 40 kg/tn

Available in 25kg or Big Bags of 1000kg

Store up to 8 months after date of production

Tests in Piglets

Following a series of tests carried out in large and modern pig farms in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens, the following advantages have been obtained from the use of Sparta INNOLIVE in fattening pigs of the following units:

  • Reduce the FCR by about 9%, also affecting the cost of the unit ration.
  • Increased polyphenol concentration in meat by 13% (positive) which positively affects animal health.
  • Reduce the loss of livestock by up to 40%.
  • Zero appearance of anus hernia.
  • Increased 22% oleic acid content in meat, which has been shown to have beneficial properties for human / consumer cardiovascular diseases (lowering of cholesterol, etc.).
  • Improve the organoleptic characteristics of the meat. Sparta INNOLIVE gives a distinctive and special flavor, odor and aftertaste to the pork.
  • Increase in carcass durability for up to three (3) additional days.
  • The meat of the animals in question is ideal for creating a final differentiated product with added value.

Tests in Broilers

Consumption of Sparta INNOLIVE from broilers in large poultry units and analysis carried out on the product by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens have shown that this product has high biological and anti-inflammatory activity, ie it can act as a cardioprotective to prevent cardiovascular diseases.


  • Improves the organoleptic characteristics of the meat
  • Improves the digestibility of food
  • Increases the shelf life of meat for three more days
  • Increases breast size in farmed chickens
  • Significantly reduces mortality in chickens
  • It can reduce unpleasant odors due to reduced ammonia emission

Tests in Laying Hens

Consumption of Sparta INNOLIVE from laying hens in large poultry farms and analysis carried out by the Hellenic Center for Marine Research showed that the eggs produced showed more oleic acid, which has proven beneficial properties for human cardiovascular diseases (consumer).

In addition, the concentration of polyphenols in the eggs is increased and its consumption helps in raising laying hens as it:

  • Increases production
  • Increases the size of the egg
  • Improves the health of the hens
  • Can reduce unpleasant odors due to reduced ammonia emission
  • Reduces the phenomenon of cannibalism

Χημική Ανάλυση


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Average Energy for Poultry

3340,0 kcal/kg

Average Energy for Pigs

3967,5 kcal/kg