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SPARTA LIFE SA was founded in early 2013, but its interest and research work on the use of the beneficial properties of plant products and by-products begins much earlier (2005) by its founder, focusing on olive, citrus and aromatic herbs for the production of products for the composition of functional feeds.

In the period 2011-2013, the founder of the Company plans its first products to be tested and subsequently marketed.

In 2014, the company starts its production process, certifying at the same time all the procedures of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2005 (HACCP), while at the same time it starts investigations with the University of Athens for the documentation of the beneficial properties of the products (both via animal feed) and humans (via the food chain).

In 2015, he began working with the Agricultural University of Athens, as well as working with Doctoral Engineers of the National Technical University of Athens, specializing in the food sector.

In the same year, the Sparta INNOLIVE compound feed additive is available in pig and poultry farms, with excellent animal and bird health and meat and egg quality.

In 2016, the company began the production process of the Sparta FIBER FEED compound feed suitable for sows during the dry season.

In 2017, the Factory was relocated to the same premises near Sparta with a modern improvement of the production process.

Also starts producing new product, Sparta RUM INNOLIVE, suitable for ruminants.

At the same time, the export department is being organized and the first exports to Europe start with a very positive response from their respective breeders, while the markets of China, Canada, Australia and Israel are also under consideration.

In the same year, in collaboration with the Veterinary School of the University of Thessaly, an experiment has been completed that concerns the beginning of puberty and the reproductive performance of the sheep, which used the compound feed of Sparta RUM INNOLIVE, with very positive results.

In addition, in 2017, in collaboration with the Veterinary School of the University of Thessaly, a specialized experiment on a dairy cow farm starts (and continues until 2018) on the influence of Sparta RUM INNOLIVE on their Productive and Reproductive characteristics under thermal strain.

In 2018, the extension of the Factory building facilities and the construction of facilities for the operation of the Chemistry and the preparation of new complete feed products containing Sparta INNOLIVE for monogastric and Sparta RUM INNOLIVE for ruminants continue.

In the same year, the Company obtains ISO 9001: 2015 certification. In 2021 the Company obtains ISO 22000:2018 certification.